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Портретна снимка на Доктор Узунов

Dr. R. Uzunov

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    Екипът на Денталната Клиника заедно

    About us

    A highly-qualified team of experts dedicated to their work with great care for your dental health!

    Dr. Radostin Uzunov

    Implantologist and Oral Surgeon

    An experienced specialist, who has proven himself both in the professional and scientific fields of his work! 


    He graduated with a degree in Dental Medicine from the Medical University of Sofia (2007-2013), after which he specialized in Oral Surgery in the Medical University of Plovdiv (2013-2017).


    Received a qualification in Implantology in Munich, Germany.


    Went on to work and specialize in one of the most prestigious hospitals in the world – “Queen Elizabeth University Hospital” in Glasgow, Scotland.


    He later authored 9 scientific papers related to the fields of Oral and Maxillofacial surgery, which have since been published in both Bulgarian and English.


    Founder and manager of WIRDENTAL.

    Снимка на Доктор Атанасов

    Dr. A. Atanasov


    A firm professionalist in his work, with an eye for details and some of Bulgaria’s most prestigious awards!

    Graduated with a degree in Dental Medicine from the Medical University of Sofia (2007-2013).


    Graduated from one of the most authoritative courses on Endodontics in the country.


    He has a proven track record of experience in working with children, as well as cosmetic dentistry and endodontics in general.

    Dr. Paskaliev


    An experienced dentist with a keen interest in the aesthetic side of his work – not just the science, but the art as well!

    Graduated with a degree in Dental Medicine from the Medical University of Sofia, following which he attended courses in teeth restoration.


    His professional interests lie in the fields of cosmetic dentistry, prosthetic dentistry and periodontology.

    Снимка на Доктор Паскалиев

    I. Petrova


    A young, ambitious and energetic member of our team with a well-refined people-centric approach!

    Graduated from the Medical University in Sofia in 2014.


    Her main role is to ensure the patient’s comfort. To her, the people-centric approach to her work is both a priority and a way of life.

    Our clinic

    Апаратура в кабинета

    Dental clinic WIRDENTAL employs a qualified team of leading specialists in the fields of dental medicine, implantology, oral and maxillofacial surgery. It is equipped with modern, state-of-the-art equipment, as it seeks to ensure both quality and precision become available to each and every patient.

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    Our procedures

    Dental Implants

    The key to restoring that, which you don’t have – from a single missing tooth to the reconstruction of an entire jaw

    Cosmetic and Prosthetic Dentistry

    Giving you the shining, white and beautiful teeth that you’ve always dreamt of – with construction based on ceramics, zirconia and other materials


    The ideal alignment for your teeth or those of your children ensuring the perfect smile! 


    Stopping bleeding during tooth washing, removing the periodontal pockets and everything else necessary for you to have healthy gums

    Oral Surgery

    Surgical removal of wisdom teeth, cyst removal, sinuslift, alveolar bone augmentation and a number of other operations in the oral cavity

    Fillers and Botox

    The realization of your desired skin, lips and face

    Testimonials from our patients

    These are testimonials from our real patients, taken from our Facebook page. They have been translated from Bulgarian to English.

    Снимка на г-н Иван Семерджиев за кабинет ВиР Дентал

    I would like to express my admiration to the professionalism, pleasant atmosphere and honest approach of the entire staff of the clinic and Dr. Uzunov in particular! 


    A real specialist! Precise work and a satisfying end result.

    Снимка на г-жа Александра Иванова

    I thank Dr. Uzunov for his perfect and precise work! I am very satisfied! To me he is an exceptional professionalist! 


    I strongly recommend Wirdental Dental Centre!


    In a pleasant and calm environment, dr. Uzunov allowed me to solve a years-old problem, showed a great amount of patience and carefully clarified both all of my treatment options and their associated risks.


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