Why Bulgaria?

Why choose Bulgaria for your Dental Treatment?

Bulgaria is a nation with a long history and tradition in healthcare and dental care, having recently become a European hub for dental tourism by offering dental and oral care at affordable prices without sacrificing quality. How? The country is a host to many world-renowned and state-funded medical universities, which in turn are also active participants in many pan-European study and residency programs. This, combined with the cost of living, which is generally significantly lower than in many other European countries, has led to health and dental care that is both high-quality and affordable. It is for this reason that tens of thousands of people from all across the globe visit the country each year as part of the ever-growing trend of medical and dental tourism. Seeking treatment in Bulgaria can offer numerous advantages to foreign patients, such as…

  • Affordable prices

    Dental treatment in Bulgaria is 50%-70% cheaper than any other European country. You can receive a high-quality dental treatment at an affordable price, especially when it comes to more complex procedures like Dental Implant Treatment. In many cases, EU citizens are also able to claim back the cost of planned medical treatment from their home country, as Bulgaria is part of the European Union.

  • High-quality treatment

    The available dental care in Bulgaria is of superior quality. Highly qualified and internationally trained dentists and oral surgeons work with modern equipment and European ISO standard materials. These people are expert professionals that design low-cost solutions and focus on your long-term oral health.

  • Fast results

    No waiting lists. Possibility for immediate insertion of implants and placement of temporary/permanent teeth right away.

  • No language barrier

    Most people in Bulgaria, even more so in Sofia, speak at least one foreign language and English is quite commonly spoken here.

  • Ease of travel

    Take advantage of cheap airlines and short flight times to Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, from all over Europe. In addition, as Bulgaria is a full EU member state, no visas or entry permits are required to enter the country if you are a citizen of any other EU nation - just get on board and fly over!

  • Unique tourist experience

    Bulgaria has a unique combination of seaside, mountains, and mineral springs. The country has 10 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, as it is blessed with amazing nature, as well as a rich historical and cultural heritage. It has become a preferred destination for many foreign citizens across the world.

  • Safe tourist destination

    Bulgaria in general, and Sofia in particular, are very safe and orderly tourist destinations. Bulgaria has one of the highest numbers of police per capita of any European country, keeping the streets of Sofia safe.

Where are we, exactly?

The WIRDENTAL dental clinic is located right at the ideal centre of Bulgaria’s capital – Sofia! We are just a kilometre or two away from the city’s most famous monuments – such as the renowned National Theatre “Ivan Vasov” and the seat of power – the tirumvirate between the Presidency, Council of Ministers and National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria!

Don’t believe us? See for yourself!

Sofia’s “Ivan Vasov” National Theatre, the centre for culture in our country and the gathering point for those with artistic inclinations from around the whole country, is located but a 4-8 minute drive away from the Wirdental dental clinic! 


Why not stop by after your procedure to enjoy a play, or just to take in the sights (and sounds) of this beautiful palace of culture, located so close to our dental practice? 


Click on the image to see how close the two really are on Google maps!

The “largo”, as it is known in Sofia, is located in the exact centre of the capital and is the host to Bulgaria’s political elite.


To the right is the Presidency – the office of the country’s head of state.


To the left we see the Council of Ministers – the manifestation of the country’s executive power and seat of the head of government.


Right in between them lies the National Assembly, the place where governments rise and fall, laws get made and repealed and the country’s fate is steered.


This historic trio lies no more than 3-6 minutes by car from our clinic. 

Why not plan ahead? Check out all the exiting things to see, do, eat and experience all within walking distance of our clinic! Have a go at this interactive map!

So how does it work?

Step 1
First contact

You send us your inquiry – tell us what you expect from us and (if possible) attach a panoramic X-Ray and/or photo of your teeth and smile. You can do this completely for free trough the contact form on our website!

Step 2
Receive a free treatment plan

You receive a free dental treatment plan within 24 hours, prepared according to your dental status and needs. You can then take as much time as you need to decide whether Wirdental is right for you or contact us right way to confirm immediately.

Step 3
Schedule treatment

Upon confirmation of your dental treatment plan, our translator will help you to arrange every aspect of your dental treatment from airport pick-up to booking your accommodation in Sofia.

Step 4
Arrival in Sofia

You arrive at Sofia International Airport, where you will be picked up and escorted to your accommodation.

Step 5

After your first in-person consultation at WirDental and revision of your initial treatment plan with the dental specialists, your treatment will begin.

Step 6
Going home

Once any and all procedures are finished, you will review the results of your treatments with the aid of our team. After this the only thing left is to fly back home and show all of your family and friends your brand new smile!

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